Why You Need a Scarifier

Why a scarifier could be a useful sidearm to your lawn mower

Mowing the lawn isn’t enough when you care for your cherished patch of grass or a palatial field. Your lawn needs to aerated to keep it in tip-top condition. A scarifier makes that possible.

Also known as a dethatcher, a scarifier cuts through the soil and rids your lawn of dead moss and grass cuttings. This adds vitality and prevents rainwater from getting to your lawn. They are available in motorised and manual forms. The most basic form is a garden rake, which the device is derived from.

The best time to use your scarifier is in late Spring or Autumn – both times of the year when grass growth is at its highest. Once a year should be enough.


At present, Shanley Mowers offer the Agrinova AR38-R, Agrinova AR47-RM, and Dormak SC 38 BS models. Both Agrinova models have Briggs and Stratton engines. The Agrinova AR47-RM is the most powerful of the two with a 6.5 bhp Vanguard engine.

Expect to pay around €20 to €50 for a manual scarifier. For motorised ones, you are looking at €106 to €1,350 for one suitable for home use. Prices may vary on models, makes, retailers, exchange rates, and whether they are new or refurbished.

Shanley Mowers, 21 June 2017.