Weibang Stump Grinder

Weibang WBSG13H – Stump Grinder

RRP. €4,499.00

The WBSG13H – Stump Grinder is powered by a Honda GX390 13HP engine and grinds tree stumps to below the surface of the ground with its 8 tooth hardened tip cutter disc. The handle can be adjusted which enables the machine to grind at different depths.

Adjustable Handle

In order to the remove the stump thoroughly, the handle can be adjusted enabling the machine to grind at different depths

Commercial Grade Grinder Disc

The Weibang Intrepid Stump Grinder is fitted with a 355mm cutter disc featuring 8 heavy duty steel teeth which will quickly grind away almost any tree stump

Single Wheel Lock

A brake fitted to one of the wheels can be applied locking the wheel in position whilst the other wheel is still free to move allowing the stump grinder head to move from side to side for efficient grinding

Honda Power

The Weibang SG13H is fitted with a Honda GX390 engine ( 389 CC , 8.7KW.)which delivers impressive reliable performance even when working on the toughest tree stumps

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