Here at Shanley Mowers, we are the leading supplier of lawn scarifiers for sale in Ireland.

A lawn scarifier will also help to aerate your lawn which encourages water penetration into the soil structure and improves lawn growth.

The lawn scarifying process consists of passing a lawn scarifier over the lawn wilfully or randomly to remove surface soil, dead moss, dead grass, and lawn weeds.

This helps provide the roots of your grass with better access to the nutrients, fertiliser and oxygen that is needed to achieve a healthier lawn.

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Our Range of Lawn Scarifiers & Aerators For Sale

Our wide range of products ensures that you can find the perfect product for your needs. Whether you need something simple or industrial strength, we have it all!

We are proud to have a variety of top-quality lawn care products that can help you get your lawn looking its best.

Our range includes all the essentials for any situation, from general scarification and aeration through weed control and more!

From industry leading brands like Weibang or Dormak, trust us in providing quality equipment at competitive prices.

Get in touch with our team to discuss the lawn care products you need for your lawn and garden. We will walk you through our range, helping match your requirements to the product that is perfect for the job!

Whether you are looking for lawn scarifiers or lawn aerators, we have everything you need to get the lawn of your dreams