Garden Tillers & Rotovators

Here at Shanley Mowers, we stock a wide range of garden cultivators, garden tillers and rotavators for sale in Ireland. We stock machines from leading manufacturers such as Husqvarna so this guarantees you get the best quality products. We have a team of experts to help provide you with the advice and information that you need.

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High Performance Garden Tillers

Garden tillers are an essential piece of equipment for gardeners. A tiller can be used to break up soil and turn it over, which is necessary for the process of aerating the ground. This will also help with drainage in your garden so that water doesn’t pool, as well as keeping roots from becoming mouldy or rotten due to sitting stagnant in wet soil. Our tillers are easy to use, lightweight and will help to make your garden a chore that is more manageable.

A Wide Selection of Quality Garden Rotavators

Rotavators are a must if you have heavy clay soils and want them broken up for better drainage and easier working while gardening. These pieces of equipment can plough through tough clays like there’s nothing at all! We stock rotavators from leading manufacturers such as Husqvarna too – just another reason why Shanley Mowers is one-stop-shop for any gardener who needs their garden tools servicing or replaced!