Husqvarna Multi-Tool

Husqvarna 325iLK

€465 ( does not include battery or charger -includes trimmer attachment)

Multi-purpose, powerful battery combi trimmer Husqvarna 325iLK is a perfectly balanced, high-performance, battery-powered combi trimmer. The power output is the equivalent of a 25cc petrol engine, with the performance levels needed to take on the toughest of tasks, quicker and more efficiently. The trimmer can be used with the professional range of Husqvarna trimmer attachments, making it an extremely flexible multi-purpose tool for grass cutting, pruning, hedging, edging or cleaning. Can be used with either internal or external – belt or backpack – battery.

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Husqvarna 129LK

RRP €365  (price includes trimmer attachment)

Trimmer 129LK is a multi-purpose tool that features a powerful 27cc engine and professional quality – combined with a focus on ease of use. It is easy to start thanks to Smart Start®, intuitive controls and the automatic stop return switch – a feature that automatically resets to the ON position for trouble-free starting. Apart from trimmer head, 129LK can easily be equipped with a number of other pro-quality tools: blower, pole saw, cultivator, hedge trimmer and edger, by changing the lower part of the shaft.

Cylinder displacement:
27.6 cc
Weight (excl. cutting equipment):
4.67 kg
0.85 KW
Handle type:

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Husqvarna 525LK

RRP €528 (power unit only)

The Husqvarna 525LK is a combi power unit for commercial use. The machine is equipped with Husqvarna’s X-TORQ engine. The 525LK is a combination machine, developed for many different types of tasks. Several attachments are available as accessories.

Cylinder displacement:
25.4 cc
Weight (excl. cutting equipment):
4.5 kg
1 KW

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Efficient air filter

The efficient air filter provide less cost for service and less engine wear

Comfort handle

Soft-grip handles for optimum comfort.

Smart Start®

The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort. Resistance in the starter cord is reduced by up to 40%.

Fuel pump

Fuel pump designed for easy starting.

Auto return stop switch

Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for trouble-free starting

Click on attachments

Click on attachments for easy tool change.

Intuitive controls

The choke and purge are easy to reach and understand.

X-Torq® engine

The X-Torq® engine design increases torque over a wider rpm range providing maximum cutting power.

Detachable shaft

Detachable shaft for easy transport and storage.

Husqvarna 535LK

€847 (Price includes trimmer attachment)

High-powered, heavy duty professional combi trimmer with reliable X-Torq® engine. Quick connection system compatible with existing Husqvarna attachments for maximum versatility and maximum productivity. Anti-vibration system and soft-grip handles ensure comfortable use even during long shifts.

Cylinder displacement:
34.6 cc
Weight (excl. cutting equipment):
5.8 kg
1.5 KW

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Husqvarna Trimmer attachment


Cost For detachable trimmers. Cutting equipment and guard are included. Shaft diameter 24 mm.

Husqvarna Hedge trimmer attachment HA860

RRP €450

Pole hedge trimmer attachment for combi products

Husqvarna Hedge trimmer attachment HA200

Hedge trimmer attachment for combi products

€ 425

Husqvarna Pole saw attachment PA1100

RRP € 370

Pole saw attachment for combi trimmers. Gives extra reach when needed. Cuts branches up to approximately 15 cm in thickness.

Husqvarna Edger attachment

Keeps lawns, pathways and flowerbeds looking good with straight neat edging. Shaft diameter 24 mm.

ECA Curved  Edger          € 185

ESA.  STRAIGHT EDGER                     €195          

Husqvarna Cultivator attachment CA230

RRP €295

Ideal on delicate flowerbeds and around the base of trees. Shaft diameter 24 mm.

Husqvarna Blower attachment BA101

RRP €195

Blower attachment for combi products. Powerful blower that frees paths and driveways from leaves, litter and grass clippings. Shaft diameter 24 mm.

Husqvarna Weed scissor attachment RA850

RRP €495

Combi attachment for Husqvarna LK battery and petrol combi trimmers except 535LK. Designed for safer and more efficient weed control and grass edging along sidewalks and on gravel paths, where an ordinary trimmer would cause the risk of throwing rocks and debris. The robust, durable reciprocating blades work back and forth to cut the weed like a scissor, similar to a hedge trimmer.

Husqvarna Extension attachment

RRP €98

Shaft extension attachment for combi products. Gives an extra reach of almost 80 cm. Shaft diameter 24 mm.

Husqvarna BR600 Bristle Brush Attachment

RRP €495

Bristle brush attachment for combi products. Removes dirt from paths, driveways and even in deep grooves. Guard is included. Shaft diameter 24 mm.