Echo Multi-Tool


Multi-tool system


The PAS-2620ES Multi-tool system has a 25.4cc heavy duty ECHO engine connected to a half length driveshaft. It features Easy Start for almost effortless starting, a loop handle and grouped cluster controls.

Seven optional tools can be fitted quickly and easily, simply by pushing and tightening the preferred attachment to the engine unit.

Cylinder displacement:
25.4 cc
Weight (excl. cutting equipment):
4.8 kg
1 KW

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This optional attachment converts the PAS-265ES ECHO Multi-Tool into a commercial-grade trimmer, using a nylon line cutting head



Attach the optional power pruner to the ECHO PAS-265ES Multi-tool unit to easily prune high branches and lop tree limbs

PAS.  MTA-AHS-HD Hedge Trimmer Attachment


This short reach hedge trimmer attachment is ideal for use with low or box type hedging.



The optional MTA-AH-HD articulating hedge cutter attachment features a blade which articulates from 0 to 90° in 15° increments. Fitted with a double reciprocating double-sided blade, the PAS-2620ES Multi-tool becomes a versatile hedge cutter for professional use.



This optional attachment converts the ECHO PAS-265ES Multi-tool system into a lawn edger. The edger has a well guarded rotating steel blade for easy tidying of a lawn edge



Fit the optional Blower attachment to the ECHO PAS-265ES Multi-tool engine unit to create a power blower for blowing leaves and other light debris



This 91cm (3ft) extension pole can be fitted to the PPT-265ES Multi-tool for extra reach. Use with the optional power pruner and hedge trimmer.



Fit the optional cultivator attachment to the ECHO PAS-265ES Multi-tool to dig and help control weeds. It features 12 steel tines and has a cultivating width of 160mm



Attaching this optional tool converts the ECHO PAS-265ES Multi-tool into a versatile Power Brush for sweeping anything from grass clippings to leaves and snow. Perfect for a variety of surfaces including lawns, pavements and driveways.