Lawnmowers of the Rich and Famous

How celebrity lawnmowers are a good crowd draw at the British Lawnmower Museum

Ever wanted to see Lee Mack’s dibber, or Joe Pasquale’s lawn mower? Or the ATCO mower presented to Lady Diana Spencer and HRH Prince Charles? A few miles north of Liverpool is the British Lawnmower Museum.

The museum, situated in the seaside and shopping town of Southport, has a wide range of historical lawnmowers. It includes the first hover mower (which is in blue and white rather than the familiar orange and brown of Flymo) and a number of rare exhibits. The museum, whose curator is Brian Radam, is situated on the corner of Shakespeare Street and Duke Street.

The museum on 106 – 114, Shakespeare Street, has been running for 25 years. It shares its premises with Mr. Radam’s other businesses. One is Lawnmower World, which sells and repairs lawnmowers of any description (as one would expect). The other one is Stanleys Security is a locksmith and hardware shop which has been going since 1940.

To make his museum pay its way, the promotion of celebrity lawnmowers is seen as one way. Another is the sale of merchandise from the British Lawnmower Museum’s website: from DVDs to T-Shirts. Plus a plethora of postcards.

If you love your mowers, this is a “must-visit” attraction. If you’re staying over in Liverpool, it is worth taking a train from Moorfields station to Southport. The British Lawnmower Museum is open every day but Sunday from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm.

The British Lawnmower Museum is served by regular Merseyrail Electrics trains from Moorfields to Southport. Birkdale station is also close to the museum. You can travel to Liverpool from Dublin via the ferry to Holyhead or regular flights to Manchester Airport (then a train to Southport).

Shanley Mowers Dublin, 28 February 2017.