Lawnmower Repairs in Dublin

An unruly lawn can have an adverse impact on the aesthetic value of your property. A well-landscaped property, on the other hand, boosts your property’s curb-appeal and creates a lasting impression on guests and customers alike. And that’s why you need a lawnmower that’s running smoothly. Continue reading

A Look at Castelgarden Lawn Mowers

A brief look at the Castelgarden range of walk-behind and ride-on lawnmowers

castelgarden main 1

One of Castelgarden’s ride-on lawnmowers.

Global Garden Products is one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of horticulture. They have their roots in M.A.C. SpA, a refrigeration and garden equipment company formed in 1962. The biggest change came in 1986 when the refrigeration division was sold off. That year saw the renaming of M.A.C SpA’s garden equipment company as Castelgarden.

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Lawnmowers of the Rich and Famous

How celebrity lawnmowers are a good crowd draw at the British Lawnmower Museum

PTX 190 HD -13

Ever wanted to see Lee Mack’s dibber, or Joe Pasquale’s lawn mower? Or the ATCO mower presented to Lady Diana Spencer and HRH Prince Charles? A few miles north of Liverpool is the British Lawnmower Museum. Continue reading