Petrol Leaf Blowers – Shanley Mowers Ireland

Kasei EBV260E Blower/Vac

Hand held  petrol leaf blower/vac
25.4cc 2 stroke engine
Vacuum kit included

kasei blow

Castelgarden XBL260H

Hand held blower/vac
25.4cc 2 stroke engine
Air volume 7.8cu.m/min
weight 5.0kg
Vac kit included

castel blow

Efco SA3000

Hand held petrol leaf blower/vac
27cc 2 stroke engine
Low vibration
Vacuum kit included

Efco blower

Tanaka  TRB 24EAP

Hand held blower
24cc 2 stroke engine
Weight 4.3kg


CG IMG_0593 -09


Back pack leaf blower
62cc 2 stroke engine
The Efco SA2062 backpack blower is ideal for professional usage.  The air speed and volume of air delivered make this a convenient, powerful, high-performance tool.  It has an extremely low noise level the throttle is ergonomically positioned directly on hose.  The oversize air filter with rubber sleeve connected to carburettor guarantees maximum machine efficiency even when used for long periods in dusty surroundings.  Extremely lightweight backpack frame made from melt-blown polypropylene.


Yongjia EB700A

Back pack blower
65.5cc 2 stroke engine
weight 10/12kg
air flow 0.3/s


Tanaka TBL 4600

Tanaka back pack leaf blower,
air volume 78cm3,
weight 9kg,
kw 2.0


Agrinova AS10 SELF DRIVE

The Agrinova AS10 Leaf Vacuumer is ideal for clearing leaves from parks, gardens and flower beds. Powered by a reliable 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine, it is transmitted by bringing the wheel into contact with a constantly turning grooved pinion. A notable feature on this model is its discharge curve, the upper position allows total filling of the bag.  It also comes equipped with two rear rubber transport wheels and a front swivel wheel for easy maneuvability.  Another feature is its manual regulation of suction which boasts six positions. The polyethylene nozzle has also been designed to facilitate the flow of leaves.

agrinova vac