Lawnmower Repairs in Dublin

An unruly lawn can have an adverse impact on the aesthetic value of your property. A well-landscaped property, on the other hand, boosts your property’s curb-appeal and creates a lasting impression on guests and customers alike. And that’s why you need a lawnmower that’s running smoothly.

Lawnmower repairs




The secret to ensuring your lawnmower is working at optimum levels is to invest in proper maintenance. However, even if you have the toughest lawnmower in the market, there comes a time when you’ll need the services of a repair contractor. If your lawnmower suddenly breaks down or stops working as it should, you can count on us for repairs. Our highly trained and certified technicians are always on hand to fix any issues with your lawn mower and give you much-needed peace of mind. We repair all leading makes of lawnmowers including Briggs & Stratton, Kubota, Honda, Stiga, Castelgarden and Mountfield, among others. Basically, we’ll fix anything with an engine.


Quality Service


With over forty years of experience in the industry, our team is well equipped to handle all types of minor and major lawnmower repairs. Whether you run a golf course, entertainment venue or landscaping service, we will work to ensure your mower is running smoothly thus reducing or preventing downtime for your business. For homeowners, we help you to stay on top of your lawn by providing quick repair services.


Whether you have engine, chassis or electrical issues, we have the right experts to deal with the issue. What happens if your lawnmower works but just doesn’t sound right? That’s where we come in. We’ll diagnose it for any problems and sort it out in no time. We also repair both petrol and diesel powered as well as electrical mowers, along with other types of garden machinery. Give us a call, and our technicians will be at your doorstep as soon as possible. We take pride in our superior customer service which aims to ensure all client needs are met. We will inspect your lawn mower and give you a full breakdown of the repair work required and costs to restore your lawnmower back to optimum working condition.




We are more than just your trusted lawnmower shop in Dublin. Your mower is guaranteed superior servicing and repair. Treat your mower right, and it will serve you well.


Over the years, we have gained a reputation in Dublin for our commitment to quality in all that we do. You can rest assured that we provide nothing short of high-quality products and services. We also stock a broad range of quality parts for all the lawnmowers we sell. What’s more, we also have lawnmower accessories such as trailers, hitches, covers and sprayers.


Feel free to call us for any additional information on lawnmower repairs, troubleshooting or general queries. Get in touch with us on 014589009 or fill in the contact form on our website and a member of our team will be happy to provide qualified advice, answer your questions and provide any other information you may need.

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